Building an Energy Efficient Federal Fleet

This week in Orlando, nearly 1,800 federal fleet managers and industry representatives attended GSA’s annual FedFleet conference.  FedFleet’s theme this year, “A Clear Vision,” provided just that – a clear vision and path forward to enacting President Obama’s Presidential Memorandum on federal fleet performance to create a more energy and cost efficient federal fleet.

Administrator Johnson test drives a hybrid vehicle at FedFleet
Administrator Johnson test drives a hybrid vehicle at FedFleet

In his May 2011 Memorandum, President Obama directed agencies to develop practices that would move the federal fleet to 100 percent purchase of light-duty alternative fuel vehicles by 2015, as well as optimize fleet size and performance.  As government’s fleet experts, the President tasked GSA with helping the entire 600,000 plus vehicle federal fleet reach this goal.  That’s why this year’s FedFleet featured panel discussions, training sessions, and guidance on the Presidential Memorandum to ensure that federal fleet managers have the tools and information they need to make smart, sustainable decisions.

Through FedFleet, GSA connects federal agencies and industry partners to share best practices and market knowledge. The annual gathering allows government a gateway to innovation and industry insight on ways to remain competitive.  The government’s vast federal fleet includes over 600,000 motor vehicles, boats, and aircraft.

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