‘City Pairs’ Cuts Travel Costs Government-Wide

A critical part of GSA’s mission is to help federal agencies save money, and that includes getting the best price for government travelers. Leveraging government buying power is one way GSA can maximize cost-savings for federal agencies and save taxpayer dollars.

'City Pair's' cuts travel costs

The City Pairs Program establishes standard airfare rates between cities where the federal workforce typically travels, and these pre-negotiated rates save the government money. GSA is able to negotiate best-value pricing for the government by using travel data. All major U.S. carriers participate in the City Pairs Program. The 2013 rates will become effective October 1, 2012.

When awarding City Pairs contracts to airlines, GSA considers a number of criteria, including availability of nonstop service, total number of flights, flight availability, average elapsed flight time, and price of service. The program also offers dual fare markets to provide flexibility for immediate travel and discounted fares for booking flights early.

For more information on the Airline City Pairs Program or to view air fares, please visit Airline City Pairs.


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