GSA Improves Federal Websites, Avoids Costs

This week marks the two year anniversary of GSA’s innovative web program to evaluate and streamline federal government websites. Through the First Fridays program, GSA conducts best practice testing for federal websites through user surveys, trials with federal employees, and website evaluations. To date, First Fridays usability team has conducted more than 45 tests across all U.S. cabinet agencies, saving over $1.3 million in avoided costs. GSA offers this service government-wide to help agencies save money.

Federal Workers conduct website testing

GSA’s team of experts developed ways for federal agencies to quickly find and solve user problems. Almost all of the solutions offered can be implemented within 30 days, improving the overall usability of these websites. First Fridays creates customer-service focused websites that help the public get the information they need from the government. This program shows other federal agencies how to test and analyze their own websites to better serve visitors to the site.

The program has since spawned six different spin-off teams at other agencies, including the Government Accountability Office and the Department of Transportation. All told, almost 800 participants and volunteers have experienced First Fridays’ simple, yet effective way to make the web work better.

As we celebrate two great years of successfully improving federal websites, we welcome new participants to join in and have your federal website tested. For more information go to

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