New leadership emphasizes GSA’s commitment to its partners

This is going to be a busy year for GSA. With budgets tightening across the federal government, other agencies are looking to us to help them find the savings and services that they need to more efficiently fulfill their responsibilities to the American people. We have started the year by refocusing our agency around a new mission statement and a new set of priorities designed to ensure that we meet the challenges of this year head on.

We are maintaining that momentum by bringing together a new leadership team that will help us deliver on our mission while providing our partners and the American people with the best service possible. Today, GSA is proud to welcome Michael Casella as our new Chief Financial Officer. This follows yesterday’s appointment of Thomas Sharpe as the Commissioner for the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). Both of these new additions will work alongside Dorothy Robyn, our Commissioner for the Public Buildings Service (PBS), who was appointed in September of last year. These three positions represent some of GSA’s most important leadership roles and by having qualified, permanent individuals in place, we are making a clear statement about the importance and value of our customers, our vendors, and their needs.

(From left) Dorothy Robyn, Public Buildings Service Commissioner, Thomas Sharpe, Federal Acquisition Commissioner, Michael Casella, Chief Financial Officer.

Throughout his career, Michael Casella has managed large and complex budgets, making him an ideal choice to supervise GSA’s finances. For the last three years, he was responsible for managing the U.S. Agency for International Development’s development and humanitarian assistance budget, ensuring that it aligned with the agency’s priorities. Before that, Mike held positions with some of GSA’s most important customer agencies, such as the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. This experience promises to provide us with significant insights into the needs of our customers.

Thomas Sharpe brings almost 30 years of experience to GSA as an acquisition leader in both the private and public sectors. Before joining GSA he served as the Department of the Treasury’s Senior Procurement Executive and was responsible for the Department’s procurement policy, procurement career management, and the oversight and continuous improvement of bureau procurement operations. Prior to working at Treasury, Tom had valuable experience at IBM that included playing a key role in strategically sourcing their technical service requirements, generating significant competitive advantage for the company. Tom has also held senior procurement and managerial roles with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Defense. His work as both a vendor and a customer will give us a unique understanding of the needs of everyone involved in the procurement process.

Dorothy Robyn joined GSA with extensive experience at one of our largest and most important agency partners: the Department of Defense. During her time there, Dorothy worked with GSA identifying ways to encourage greater innovation and cost efficiency from construction firms and make federal buildings more energy efficient and sustainable. She also oversaw activities related to base realignment and closure. Dorothy’s experience with the Department of Defense makes her uniquely qualified to manage the Public Buildings Service and its 9,184 assets and 375 million square feet of workspace, as well as the task of disposing of excess and underutilized properties.

The expertise and experience that our new Chief Financial Officer and our new commissioners bring to this agency makes them valuable additions to GSA’s leadership team. The coming year will present many challenges for both our agency partners and GSA. However, we will be well placed to meet them with committed, hard working employees, and an experienced management team. Together, we will build a stronger GSA.

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