GSA Has Awarded more than $21 million to Small Business Across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska Year to Date

The U.S. General Services Administration’s Northwest/Arctic Region has awarded more than $21 million out of $32 million available contract obligations to small businesses across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington since October 2012, reinforcing the agency’s commitment to support the companies that power the American economy.

“We know that small business is critical to the economic fabric of this region,” said Regional Administrator George Northcroft.  “As a former small business owner, I am proud of GSA’s diligence in ensuring that small businesses are given an opportunity to provide products and services for the federal government.  We have seen the quality results of their work and the impact the federal dollar can have on their business.”

Those dollars were spread across a broad range of socio-economic sectors including more than $12 million to small disadvantaged business, $7 million to women owned small businesses, $830,000 to Service Disabled Veteran Owned businesses, and $6 million to certified HUB zone small businesses.

Of the $21 million, $2.7 million went to small businesses in Alaska, $800,000 to small businesses in Idaho, $4 million to small businesses in Oregon, and $12.8 million to small businesses in Washington.

“These are real dollars that have a real impact on these small businesses,” added Northcroft. “We hear from these companies that being awarded a federal contract can make the difference between hiring and letting workers go.”

GSA contracts nearly all of its operations and maintenance, as well construction and repairs for more than 600 federal buildings across the region.  Much of this work is awarded to small business. For example, the janitorial service at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Seattle District Headquarters in Seattle is being performed by The Hughes Group – Services Disabled Veteran Owned company out of Lakewood, Washington. In February, the region awarded two Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) for Operations & Maintenance Services (O&M) in Western Washington to small business Total Systems Services, Inc., for a combined contract value of $23.4 million over a period of five years. Cherokee Construction Services was awarded a contract valued at $1.6 million for exterior marble restoration & childcare windows system upgrade for GSA’s 911 Federal Building in Portland Oregon. Cherokee is a Native American Owned Small Business.

Small businesses also have been integral to GSA projects funded through the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  For the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Seattle District Headquarters project at Federal Center South, Seattle, more than $13 million of the total project was directly subcontracted to small business and an additional $8 million of the large business contracts were further subcontracted to small business. In total, approximately 40 percent of the subcontract dollars available on this project went to small business.  Their work varied from paving and roofing to installing floor and wall tile from putting in skylights to painting.

At least 25 different firms including women-owned, veteran, and service disabled veteran owned businesses played a role in this project. One of those is GR Plume Company from Bellingham, Washington, which did all the refinishing work on more than 200,000 square feet of reclaimed timber. GR Plume Company is a small, woman-owned business that had been looking at potential lay-offs but, because of winning this contract, was able to hire new employees.

More than $26 million in subcontracts were contracted to small businesses as part of the modernization of the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building modernization in Portland, Oregon.  The integrated project team of Howard S. Wright and SERA Architects  went out of its way to create small business opportunities in collaboration with Portland contracting groups.  Howard S. Wright also took the extra steps to help those small businesses  to grow and develop.  The small business utilization goals were exceeded with the following percentages: 17 percent  small business; 24 percent minority owned; and 12 percent women owned.

Small businesses also benefit from GSA schedules. GSA’s Northwest/Arctic Region’s Management Services Center is responsible for six Multiple Award Schedule contracts totaling 3,791 contracts – of which 2,470 (65 percent) are awarded to small business. For this fiscal year (October 2012 through May 2013) these six schedules have combined sales of $6.9 billion dollars of which $1.47 billion (or 21 percent) was awarded to small business.

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GSA’s Northwest/Arctic Region is participating in a Seattle area small business event during National Small Business Week

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