GSA Property Donation Program to the Rescue

Providing local municipalities with the equipment they need to do their job is part of GSA’s mission to deliver better value and savings to the American people. So when the town of Ipswich, Mass. needed a new patrol boat for their police department, Michael D. Wade, GSA New England Region’s Area Property Officer, was there to help.

Thanks to GSA, Ipswich Police Department saved money on its new patrol boat.

In January, Ipswich Police Patrolman Brian Reed called GSA for help filling the department’s need for a patrol and rescue vessel to be used on the town rivers and the nearly ten miles of ocean coastline in their jurisdiction.  The town had set aside $75,000 for the building of a boat, but Brian was determined that there was a better, more cost-effective way to meet the town’s goal.

Wade helped Reed locate a former twenty five-foot U.S. Coast Guard Safeboat located in Freeport, Texas. GSA’s Southwest Region Area Property Officer Donna Rice facilitated Reed’s request. The Coast Guard Boat and trailer were transferred to the Ipswich Police Department.

By using GSA to get its patrol boat, Ipswich saved approximately $217,000 in taxpayer dollars. To find out more about GSA’s continued efforts to leverage its surplus property to help make a more sustainable government and save taxpayer dollars, visit the GSAXcess property website.

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