Here’s What $2.5 Billion in Savings Looks Like

In 2013, through a wide variety of GSA programs, we saved taxpayers over $2.5 billion (that’s billion…with a “B”).

Here are five ways we’re putting more money back in the taxpayers’ pockets:

Smarter Shopping

Buying new software is expensive, but with GSA’s SmartBUY, federal, state and tribal agencies saved nearly $700 million on getting the right tools for the job.

Thanks to special purchasing programs for items like office supplies, IT equipment, and professional services, GSA’s contract prices are $650 million less than commercial rates.

Find Money in Our Buildings

Whether through selling off underused and unneeded properties, negotiating better lease rates, or finding ways to reduce energy costs, our Public Buildings Service (PBS) found $77 million in savings last year.

Property Disposal

When buildings no longer serve the needs of the agencies in them, we’ll offer them to the public to find a new use for them. Washington, D.C.’s Old Post Office will become a new luxury hotel, lighthouses will be saved and maintained, a heating plant will transform into condos and many more. All told, our real property disposal team generated $29 million in savings.

Use Less Energy

By reducing energy use in federal buildings, we are saving millions each year, and more importantly, making our buildings sustainable for the future. (Note: We only turn the lights off when people are not using the space)

What Will it Take to Put You In This Car Today?

When you go buy a car, you can often negotiate a better price with the dealer. When you go in to buy a few thousand cars, like GSA does to supply the federal fleet, you can get even bigger discounts. In 2013, those discounts below the invoice price totaled $288 million. And it’s not just cars for local fleets, replacing costly commercial leases on vehicles for U.S. troops in Afghanistan is saving an estimated $37 million annually.

These are just a few of the many ways GSA is providing value to our clients and to the public, and we have our sights set on even greater goals for 2014.

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