Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Savings Are Yours with GSA’s Delivery Service.

That’s right! Today GSA awarded its third generation Domestic Delivery Service (DDS3) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to two leading suppliers in the package delivery industry:  United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express (FedEx).

So what does this mean, exactly? Well DDS3 is a strategically sourced program designed to save taxpayer dollars and provide innovative services to the federal government. So now when agencies need to secure a delivery service for their offices they have additional choices for low cost shipping.FAS Strategic Sourcing

Contributing Millions in Savings

This third generation of the program builds on the great success of the first and second generation programs, and will allow GSA’s customer agencies greater choices while saving them time and money.  Last year alone, GSA’s domestic delivery service program saved American taxpayers more than $50 million.  DDS3 will build on that with additional government-wide savings and it will work with customers to reduce their use of delivery services and manage demand, further reducing costs.

Shrinking Government’s Carbon Footprint

Domestic Delivery Service also encourages and supports fuel efficiency, and DDS3 continues to advance GSA’s environmental stewardship by working with FedEx and UPS to report on how an agency’s shipping contributes to their carbon footprint. Approximately 90 percent of the government’s carbon footprint lies in the products and services they purchase, and these groundbreaking features of DDS3 pave the way toward managing and reducing these emissions through GSA’s partnerships with vendors.

Domestic Delivery Service is Tried and True

Six customer agencies assisted GSA in the bid evaluation process and implementation training workshops will begin for the more than 65 agencies and bureaus that are currently DDS2 customers.  GSA has also created a ‘Community of Practice’ that expands  transparency and works as a group on demand management and reducing consumption.  Using our dashboards to analyze usage patterns, purchasing trends and spending levels; customers have visibility into how their agency is performing, how much they are buying and where they can change behaviors to reduce costs and maximize savings.

Visit to learn more about the agency’s cost-saving strategic sourcing initiatives.

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