Attention Commercial Real Estate Owners: Leasing Space to the Federal Government Just Got a Lot Easier

Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP) logoGSA is making it easier than ever before for realtors, brokers, lessors, property managers, building owners and developers to electronically offer building space for lease to the federal government. The goal is to drive savings to taxpayers by improving federal leasing efficiency in the real estate market. GSA’s Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP), which originally launched in 1991 in the Washington, D.C. area, is now available in LA, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, and Dallas.

Here’s How It Works
Registered commercial real estate participants can submit and update offers to lease space to the federal government within specified time frames, in response to a GSA Request for Lease Proposal. The submission process is web-based, which as you can guess leads to

  • a more efficient lease process
  • cheaper acquisition of real property lease assets
  • improved agency satisfaction

Keep in mind, AAAP is one of several procurement platforms GSA currently uses to lease office space in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Kansas City.

How is AAAP Good For Business?
AAAP consolidates and streamlines the leasing process, not only improving customer satisfaction, but also increasing the ease of doing business with the federal government. By incorporating cutting-edge Geographic Information System technology, AAAP reduces the offer submission and evaluation time from weeks to seconds.

“I have been very impressed with the timeliness and effectiveness of the AAAP in identifying and offering office space meeting the requirements of GSA leasing.”
– Bruce A. Thompson, Dept. of Defense

The program also helps businesses interact efficiently and effectively with the federal government, and provides one-stop online access to information. In expanding electronic government, the AAAP has advanced the goals of GSA by establishing itself as the first e-commerce leasing application in the federal government.

Get the Facts

  • AAAP allows registered participants the opportunity to offer their space for lease through a web-based application located at
  • The AAAP handles general office space requirements ranging from 500 square up to $2.85 million net annual rent.
  • Offers can be submitted through the AAAP website during the open period from the 1st through the 7th of every month.
  • Offers are ranked according to present value to the government, taking into account base rent, operating costs, interest on tenant improvements, construction markups, and free rent.
  • Awards are made through the AAAP to the lowest-priced building that can accommodate the government’s needs in terms of square footage, technical requirements, length of lease term, and delineated area.
  • Through the AAAP, GSA is creating an active inventory of offers for varying sizes and lease terms in a standardized format. With an automated version of this system, an even more current inventory of offers can be maintained.
  • AAAP is one of many e-commerce initiatives that help support the government’s efforts to operate more efficiently and effectively, and save taxpayer dollars.

“We find the web based AAAP to be a fast and efficient way to submit multiple buildings to GSA.  Upon notification from GSA that we are the successful offeror, draft leases are immediately issued by GSA, and quickly countersigned by the government thereafter.”

– Andrew Abramson, Director of Government Leasing Services, Vornado / Charles E. Smith

See AAAP In Person
If you manage commercial property in one of these cities, be sure to join us for our Industry Day event, where you’ll get a demo of the tool, and a chance to talk with our staff so you can maximize your opportunities. Contact Gina DiTommaso for more details.

June 10: Los Angeles
June 12: Seattle
June 26: Boston
July 9: Philadelphia
July 17: Denver
August 5: Dallas/Fort Worth

Learn more about AAAP on

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