Honoring All of Our Veterans

Throughout the United States, communities honor our Veterans in a multitude of ways. Some ways are fleeting, such as parades or ceremonies, and some more permanent like plaques, statues and memorials. GSA’s historic buildings often share local, state and national commemorations in downtowns across the country, and many are located on plazas with memorials, are named after Veterans, or contain a formal recognition—perhaps a statue or an obelisk–on the grounds. From Indianapolis to Hilo, Seattle to Ocala, and Port Huron to Danville, Veterans are commemorated at GSA buildings. From the 78-foot tall, classically inspired First Division monument in front of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, to the humble plaque honoring Post Office employees who gave their lives in World Wars I and II located in the vestibule of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Building in Atlanta, commemoration takes many forms.

In Natchez, Mississippi, GSA is steward of a 1850s historic building that has plaques honoring all the World War I Veterans of surrounding Adams County. These plaques were rededicated by GSA on Veterans Day in 2011 on this building that became a Federal Courthouse in 2007. Why was GSA compelled to rededicate these plaques on this building more than 90 years after the end of the war? Watch this video to learn this community’s story.