Throwback Thursday: Testing Hybrid Vehicles is Nothing New

black and white photo of cars running on natural gas engines.

Long before there were plug-in electrics, we were looking at using natural gas hybrids in the GSA Fleet as a way to cut down on the rising cost of gasoline that developed in the 1970s. With 200,000 vehicles in our fleet, moves we make can have an impact, both on savings for taxpayers and on the environment.

Just last week, for example, we announced a car sharing pilot program in four cities to:

  • allow the agency flexibility and access to vehicles for short-term use
  • save money by reducing the need to purchase new vehicles
  • provide a more sustainable approach to government fleet management

Other initiatives we’ve started in the past few years include:

Whatever fuel technologies are available in the future, GSA will surely be testing them out.

More Information

  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles: GSA offers federal agencies a great selection of alternative fuel vehicles for purchase or lease, with more than 800 models available.