Fact Friday: Here’s What Recycling 26.5 Tons of Electronics Looks Like

In a blog earlier this year, we talked about the strategy for the responsible use and disposal of electronics in the federal government. Recently, at an electronic recycling event in Philadelphia, Pa., we put this strategy into action by asking local, state, and federal government to help recycle excess electronics and computers.

As reported in an article by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the event resulted in quite a bit of excess electronic equipment. How much electronic equipment did it bring? 26.5 tons worth, to be exact.

You might be asking yourself what that number means. Well, it’s about the weight of over four elephants.


Or two school buses.


Or one whale shark.


It’s our agency’s priority to dispose of excess property by recycling and reusing electronic equipment. We will continue to carry out e-waste recycling events to dispose of excess equipment.