GSA Participates in Urban Green Council’s Façade Face-Off

Last week, Kevin Kampschroer, GSA’s Federal Director for the Office of High-Performance Green Buildings and Deputy Senior Sustainability Officer, presented at the Urban Green Council’s Façade Face-Off on GSA’s renovation of the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building (EGWWFB) in Portland, Ore. Kampschroer discussed how the renovation of the building serves as an example of how a façade replacement can inform a whole building renovation.

GSA's Kevin Kampschroer speaks at Urban Green Council's Facade Faceoff. (Photo by Urban Green Council)
GSA’s Kevin Kampschroer speaks at Urban Green Council’s Facade Faceoff. (Photo courtesy of Urban Green Council)

The new façade at the EGWWFB is completely integrated with the building’s mechanical systems and key to its performance. In fact, as a result of the new façade and other renovations, EGWWFB has achieved a more than 50 percent reduction in energy and 68 percent reduction in water use, while increasing usable space by about 12 percent – the equivalent of two floors – without building any new structures.  In addition, 15 percent of the building’s energy is now provided by solar panels, which also capture rain water that is used for mechanical systems and toilet flushing.

In a follow-up presentation, Kevin addressed the applicability of GSA’s lessons learned to the large number of NYC buildings with inefficient single-paved façade systems built in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. For more information on the EGWWFB renovation, visit