GSA targets 70 percent waste diversion at the Denver Federal Center by 2020

In May 2015, GSA expanded its Denver Federal Center (DFC) recycling efforts by launching additional single stream recycling and organic waste collection services for six of its 44 active buildings. Since making a more sustainable government is one of GSA’s six priorities,the agency is targeting a 70 percent waste diversion rate at the DFC by 2020. This is a 20 percent more aggressive goal than identified by the President and his Administration in Executive Order 13693.

Denver Federal Center use single stream recycling.
Denver Federal Center use single stream recycling.

GSA, the manager and landlord of the DFC, has had a robust single stream recycling program in place since 2006 at the 623-acre DFC campus in Lakewood, Colo. Last fiscal year, the DFC recycled 140 tons of single stream items and was able to avoid close to $6,000 in local landfill costs. And, for every ton of material kept out of the landfill, GSA saves 980,000 gallons of water and approximately 2,380 trees.

What is single-stream recycling?

  • Single-stream recycling simplifies the process of collecting and sorting recyclable materials. It allows people to put most items such as paper, plastic, and metal in the same container. GSA believes by making recycling easier for tenants, it will help encourage participation rates.

How will it work at DFC?

  • Building 25, 50, 53, 41, 67, and 810 have labeled multisort stations with labeling for trash, single stream recycling, and compost. These bins are placed in locations where occupants typically gather for breaks, and each bin is equipped with a 25 gallon internal container for the collection of materials.

GSA is regularly developing and evaluating green technologies and initiatives. Using the DFC as a test bed for single-stream recycling and other green technologies and initiatives allows the agency to determine what works well with tenants and best serves the American people. GSA will now educate building tenants receiving these new services so they can help the campus community reach the aggressive 2020 goal. For more information about the DFC visit