It’s Not Easy Being Green, But It Sure Is Worth It

Green-gov-1A Look Back at the GSA’s Sustainability Accomplishments in 2014

Kermit the Frog was right: It’s not easy being green. But, as GSA has found out time and time again in 2014, it sure is worth it. So what exactly has GSA accomplished this year in the area of sustainability? We’re so glad you asked. This year, GSA invested in 70 wind turbines in northwest Illinois that will add 500,000 megawatt hours of electricity to the power grid annually, realized energy savings through ARRA-funded green investments that helped federal buildings weather winter storms, and used Energy Savings Performance Contracts to build new energy efficient facilities for the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These accomplishments and others leave the world a little greener and save millions of taxpayer dollars in avoided energy costs. They also highlight GSA’s role as a federal leader in the area of sustainability and its commitment to leaving future generations with a cleaner planet.

This fall, GSA not only made a concerted effort to highlight more of its sustainability accomplishments, but also changed the way it announces these accomplishments. The agency, for example, established “Green Day Wednesday” as one of its five daily themes on The GSA Blog. On these days you can read about one or more of GSA’s recent sustainability accomplishments — a federal high-performance green building that’s received 30 prestigious awards, for example, or a successful recycling effort in one of our regions — topics that may not warrant a press release but are no less important. Speaking of press releases…  GSA sustainability accomplishments that are made public via press release are formatted on a special “Going Green, Saves Green” template. Be sure to look out for it the next time we send you a press release about something green.

If you’re a media outlet that has an inquiry about one of GSA’s many sustainability efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Kamara Jones, Deputy Press Secretary, by email at

 Press Releases 

Title Date
GSA’s ARRA-Funded Green Investments Help Federal Buildings Weather the Storm 11/05/14
GSA On Track to Meet Administration’s 2020 Renewable Energy Goal with First-of-its-Kind Wind Energy Procurement 10/22/14
GSA Reviews New Version of LEED 9/24/14
GSA Helps Army Attain Net Zero Energy 9/17/14
GSA Seeks Promising Technologies to Improve Building Performance 9/16/24
GSA’s Green Buildings Fight Climate Change 07/25/14
GSA Gets Green in New Carrollton 06/20/14
GSA’s “Green Button” to Save Energy Costs Across Federal Government 05/28/14



Title Date
Seattle Federal Building is a Sustainability Star 12/17/14
FSSI OS3 Makes It Easy for Agencies to Meet Their Green Purchasing Goals 12/11/14
GSA Saves Taxpayer Dollars with Water-Use Reductions in Austin 11/19/14
Recycling – And Beyond – at GSA 11/12/14
GSA’s Chief Greening Officer on Improving Operational Efficiency 10/29/14
When It Comes to Building Performance, GSA Strives for Operational Excellence 10/23/14
GSA Aims to Attract More Bees with Honey Policy 10/22/14
Seattle’s Jackson Federal Building Recognized for Green Features 10/15/14
GSA’s Smart Occupancy Delivers Green to Taxpayers 10/08/14
FAS Seeks Savings Through Sustainability 10/01/14
Energy Efficient Puerto Rico U.S. Passport Office Opens 09/24/14
GSA’s new Los Angeles courthouse wins Green Award 09/03/14
GSA Greens 14 Year-Old Federal Building 08/20/14
Green Technologies Prove Their Worth 08/13/14