Green Technologies Prove Their Worth

As the landlord for over 375 million owned and leased space for federal civilian agencies, it’s important that we understand the benefit of the green technologies used in federal buildings. To better understand the benefit of these technologies, researchers at our Green Proving Ground (GPG) evaluate them prior to deployment and provide recommendations on whether they should be used.GPGa (1)

From solar power to condensing boilers, and sustainable gardens that harvest water to natural light that saves electricity, researchers at our GPG are using data to determine whether these green technologies provide the best energy efficient bang for the taxpayer buck. The good news is that we are finding out that these technologies are immensely beneficial.

So when you are wondering about the use of energy efficient lights in federal buildings, or other types of energy efficient technologies used in them, visit the GPG here.  There you will discover reports that tell you what we evaluated, how we made our assessments, and what the results were. The bottom line is that we know whether a green technology is worth it.

Check out our findings!