FSSI OS3 Makes It Easy for Agencies to Meet Their Green Purchasing Goals

earth-day-1-518x295In addition to enhanced savings and benefits to small businesses, GSA’s new FSSI OS3 solution makes it easy for federal agencies to meet their sustainable acquisition goals by purchasing green products.

Green Benefits of GSA’s new cost-saving and efficient FSSi OS3 office supplies solution include:

  • Recycled content Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG), biobased (BioPreferred), and Energy Star items including copier paper, filing products, toner cartridges, battery chargers, and more
  • GSA Advantage makes it easy to find Green OS3 products with a “Green Items” search filter *
  • Track Green spend statistics via OS3 quarterly reporting including the FSSI OS3 dashboard

FSSI’s previous office supplies solution, FSSI OS2 sold over $48.28 million in green products in the first three quarters of FY2014.

GSA is currently working with OS3 vendors to upload their contract items onto GSAAdvantage!® and will notify agencies when they are available. In the interim, agencies are instructed to contact the OS3 vendors directly in order to place orders. To learn more about the FSSI OS3 solution, and view a list of the OS3 vendors, please visit www.gsa.gov/os3.

*Pending vendor catalog upload onto GSAAdvantage!®