Focused on Small Business Success in 2015

We made great strides when it came to expanding opportunities for small businesses in 2014, and we’re looking to continue with this success in 2015!

In October, I took on the new role of Associate Administrator for the Office of Small Business Utilization with a focus on understanding how to bring more small businesses in front of our agency buyers.177802203a

In the last few months I have learned that small businesses experience a lot of frustration with our procurement process. Since small businesses are the main engine driving the American economy, it is important to have better contracting options when working with our agency and more follow-up support once a contract is achieved.

In this role, I am determined to improve the customer experience by offering an exceptional team that will provide impactful communication through events, web content, and social media.  We want to build small businesses’ trust and access to opportunities through strong partnerships with large businesses that take the responsibility of teaching and growing the small business community. I am also focused on the need to better support our acquisition workforce by providing them with the training and resources needed to set-aside more opportunities for small businesses.

In the new year, I am resolved to put small businesses first in the procurement process, identify and reduce weakness in our programs, improve data sharing with internal partners so that more opportunities are visible, and strengthen the forecast process and customer experience.

I hope small businesses will take advantage of the current work we have done to make their journey with our agency more efficient by streamlining our website, which gives small businesses access to training, opportunities, and resources.

In 2014, we started a series of Small Business Development Fairs focused on matching businesses to the products and services we need. The first of three events will be held this Spring in March, and the next two will be held in the Summer and Fall of 2015.  Each session will include our small business partners like the Small Business Administration, Procurement Technical Advisors, large businesses looking to mentor or subcontract, acquisition staff who buy what small businesses sell, and a host of other participants providing free counseling for small businesses.

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