GSA’s Greater Southwest Region Recognized with Sustainability Award

In February, GSA’s Greater Southwest Region was recognized by the City of Fort Worth’s Business Smart Program for their work in sustainability at the Fritz G. Lanham Federal Building in Fort Worth, Texas. The City of Fort Worth, and local business representatives, were impressed with the magnitude and breadth of GSA’s commitment to greening the building and other areas of the government.

 Fritz G. Lanham Federal Building
Fritz G. Lanham Federal Building

About the Business Smart Program

The Greater Southwest Region joined the City of Fort Worth’s Business Smart Program in 2014. The Business Smart program is a performance-based recognition program for local businesses and industries that promote environmentally-sustainable choices through daily operations. The program also provides a platform for businesses to share sustainable practices designed to balance business needs with the protection of the environment. Shortly after joining the Business Smart Program, the Greater Southwest Region achieved gold membership status for accomplishments in the areas of waste reduction, water/energy conservation, and clean transportation.

GSA’s Sustainability Accomplishments at the Fritz G. Lanham Federal Building

  • Decreased water use by installing water efficient fixtures.
  • Lowered energy use and saved taxpayer dollars through lighting controls and central plant updates.
  • Added energy saving LED lights and metered controls.
  • Bolstered the municipal recycling program and consolidated office space to reduce waste.