GSA Holds Live Home Auctions to Support Vets

From federal buildings to lighthouses, GSA’s Real Property Utilization and Disposal Branch is responsible for selling federal real estate that the government no longer needs. On December 5 and 6, GSA’s Pacific Rim Region will be selling yet another kind of real estate: single-family homes. Through a partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers’ Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP), Property Disposal will be holding a two-day live auction to help sell six homes in North Carolina.Lot 2

HAP, initially created by Congress in 1966, provides financial assistance to qualifying servicemembers when a move becomes necessary. In some cases, when a servicemember is unable to sell their home, the government will purchase the property from the homeowner and then resell it. HAP received additional funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 and was able to expand eligibility to wounded veterans and surviving spouses, in addition to active duty personnel who were required to relocate. Because of the additional funding, the Army Corps of Engineers had more homes than they were able to sell with available staff.

In early 2013, the Army Corps of Engineers reached out to GSA to help sell over 300 homes purchased through the HAP nationwide. Over the course of the last two years, GSA’s Pacific Rim Region has sold approximately 40 homes, and has another 15 in the process. Since many of the HAP owned properties are located near military bases, the homes are often sold to other military families.

Proceeds from HAP sales help recoup funds for the Army Corps of Engineers, but GSA also benefits. The Army Corps of Engineers funds GSA’s work, travel, and marketing costs through a Reimbursable Work Authorization. HAP sales also serve as an opportunity for GSA employees to collaborate and share best practices with their counterparts in the other regions.

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