Department of Energy Implements APIs in the Cloud

Department of Energy SealAs part of the Digital Strategy,  the Department of Energy is making more high-value data sets available through Application Program Interfaces (APIs) – helping programmers develop new opportunities, services and products for citizens. Additionally, these data sets and APIs are now housed on cloud-based servers, helping us to provide easy, scalable access to the public.

Moving our data sets to the cloud builds on the important steps the Energy Department has taken to advance cost-effective, secure cloud-hosted infrastructure solutions. For example, we have also moved our Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to the cloud to streamline operations. We are also adding data utility rateshydrogenenergy apps and datasets to Open EI, an open-data source for a wide range of energy information.  A few of our newest data sets include:

  • The underlying data behind the Alternative Fueling Station Locator, which provides location-based alternative fuel station data for biodiesel, natural gas, propane, electric, hydrogen and ethanol.
  • The DOE Green Energy API, offering data from research and development conducted by the Energy Department’s National Laboratories as well as university projects supported by the Department.  The website provides two data sets on renewable energy and energy efficiency technical reports and patents.
  • The Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Electricity API provides over 500,000 data points on generation, fuel quality, fuel consumption, and retail sales by generation plant and by state.

Learn more about the Energy Department’s work on the Digital Strategy.

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