Knowledge Manager for Federal-wide Digital Engagement

Closed - a photo of a pie with 20% missing20%: The Federal Social Media Community of Practice, or SocialGov Community, needs a Knowledge Manager who is part Stephen Wolfram and part Indiana Jones who can help research, analyze and report trends in the federal-wide social media community. We need you to join our team and work side-by-side with us to help build the government of the 21st Century.

Activities include:

  • Identifying common themes and frequent challenges across agencies.
  • Curating and sharing information that will be helpful to the community at large.
  • Sharing resources and solutions that will reduce duplications of efforts.
  • Writing blog posts for based on hot topics from the SocialGov listserve.
  • Communicating with knowledge managers at individual agencies and recruiting new agencies to join the community.
  • Contributing to ongoing projects including the Performance Analysis Toolkit and Social Media Policy Development Working Group.
  • Hosting webinars for the DigitalGov Community.

Our Knowledge Manager will operate on the forefront of emerging technology, policy and development, and as a result must live by the words of Polar explorer Robert Peary, “We will find a way or make one.”

Background: The SocialGov Community includes more than 600 managers from over 130 federal agencies, working together to create shared solutions that use digital engagement and data to measurably improve citizen services and reduce costs. It is managed by GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, and partners with MobileGov, User Experience, Open Data, Prizes and Competitions and other DigitalGov communities.

 Duration: 20% of the innovator’s time for 3 – 6 months

Deadline: Ongoing (to be negotiated)

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