Develop a Readiness Checklist

Tapas plate with the word Closed across.Tapas: provides agencies with WordPress as a content management tool. The sites team is looking for someone to help develop a checklist that will help agencies jump start their preparation to using

Problem: The sites team is delivering WordPress instances to customers, but they often go live slowly, or not at all, because the customer was not adequately prepared. We need someone who can pull together a checklist based on materials that we already have with those “things”/factors (no more than 20 “things”!) that need to be considered before implementing a site. If you have implemented a website (preferably with a CMS) or have knowledge of, or interest in, learning more about WordPress this task is for you.

Background: The checklist will be shared with to potential customers after a kick off call. Our goal is to have:

  1. more WordPress instances going live

  2. more sites using the program, and

  3. more federal websites managing their content in WordPress

If you want to learn more, the team can share our standard powerpoint presentation, and there is plenty of information on the site itself ( The sites team will also answer any questions you have via email at .

Are you in? Want to help your federal colleagues, and be posted for bragging rights on  Then push the blue button.

Duration: 2-4 hours

Deadline: Two weeks after accepting the task

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