Let your inner data detective out and get to know New Jersey

Tapas plate with the word Closed across.Tapas: USA.gov searches across all federal, state, and local government websites–that’s hundreds of billions of pages from .gov and .mil websites plus over 11,000 .com, .org, etc. websites.

Here’s your chance to improve the results searchers on USA.gov see for the state of New Jersey.

1. Once you let us know that you’re interested, we’ll give you access to edit the known NJ websites directly: http://govt-urls.usa.gov/tematres/vocab/index.php?tema=43

2. Your task is to visit the website for each NJ city, county, and state agency.

3. Review the website to make sure it still belongs to an official government agency, and add a scope note to provide some basic bibliographic information about the agency.

4. If you want to try this out but can’t tackle all the links, let us know! We still want to hear from you!

If there is a another state you prefer to work on let us know.  Chances are it is still available.

Perfect for librarians, catalogers, or those who want to take a virtual tour.

Duration: 16-24 hours

Deadline: To be negotiated

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