Become A GitHub Analytics Expert

Closed - a photo of a pie with 20% missing20%er: A lot of agencies are using Github and are looking at how the tool is performing for their programs. DigitalGov Innovators need leadership regarding using this analytics tool. Currently, the MobileGov Community of Practice has 3 Github repos where it needs analytics expertise.

The right candidate would:

  • Research Github analytics to understand how to measure performance
  • Monitor the 3 Mobile Gov Github Repos and provide analytics data to mobile manager
  • Analyze corrleations between promotion, events and traffic, pull requests, comments, etc. in the 3 repos
  • Work with the Mobile manager to identify gaps in GH analytics for government and to make recommendations with the GH government group
  • Develop good practices and document them on DigitalGov via post, webinar, etc.
Duration: 4-6 months
Deadline: Ongoing
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