The Digital Services Innovation Center is a key component supporting the goals of the “Digital Government” strategy (released May 2012).

The strategy calls for the Center to function cooperatively, drawing on resources from across government and leveraging the expertise of forward-leaning agencies.

To that end, we’re gathering a cadre of innovators to help build a digital government that meets the expectations of the public while delivering info and services safely and securely.

How We Work

How we do things is as important as what we do. We are looking to model new ways of intergovernmental sharing.

Here is part of what drives us

  • All of us are smarter than a few of us, so we need to seek out and embrace everyone who wants to contribute.
  • Agencies need more for mission, and building on common platforms and processes lets agencies focus on their missions.
  • “Build once, use many times” can accelerate government-wide efforts and save resources by not reinventing the wheel.
  • Avoiding acronyms and jargon. These are barriers to openness. So don’t even THINK about calling us Dee-sick.

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Core Staff

Gray Brooks, Senior API Strategist
Tom Freebairn, Senior Advisor
Gwynne Kostin, Director
Kelly Olson, Communications Advisor
Jacob Parcell, Manager Mobile Programs
Karen Trebon, Manager and Web & New Media Liaison


The Center is a virtual, startup with a home base at the Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies in the General Services Administration.