Helping agencies plan, develop, test and launch anytime, anywhere, any device mobile products and services for the public.

Plan Develop Test Launch: resources are Case Studies, Cod, Tools, Mobile Gov Wiki, Contracts, Blog, Events/Webinars driven by the Mobile Innovators Network

Mobile App Development Program

  • Plan–Build a mobile strategy, see what other agencies have done, use new acquisitions tools to find top mobile developers.
  • Develop–Create great mobile apps and sites using mobile user experience guidelines. Jump start development by leveraging pre-existing code.
  • Test–Make sure your app works on all devices by leveraging automated and in the wild testing support. Test for security & accessibility.
  • Launch–Let people know yours is an official government app by registering it. Get your app in the app stores and leverage API’s for promoting your apps.




  • Create mobile-enabled websites with responsive design and full multimedia capabilities with
  • Reuse mobile code (frameworks, modular code and whole apps) and leverage testing scripts collected from multiple private and public sector sources on our Mobile Code Sharing Catalog.
  • Get your mobile products designed right, from the beginning, using the  Mobile Gov user experience tools.


  • Use the federal friendly Terms of Service agreements and get your app in the app stores
  • Register your mobile product (app or mobile web site) with the Federal Apps Registry for placement on the Apps Gallery
  • PROMOTE! Use the Apps Gallery API and create widgets to highlight yours and other agencies’ mobile products.
  • Let us know when your product launches and we will help get the word out using the Mobile Gov Blog featuring new mobile products weekly to an audience of over 35, 000.

What’s Next

This is a beginning–we’ll continue to develop new tools to help you develop mobile products for the public. Tell us what you need at