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4 Ways to Join In | Open Opportunities

The Digital Services Innovation Center is a cooperative enterprise that draws on resources from across government to leverage the expertise of forward-leaning agencies. We’re putting together innovative staffing arrangements, multi-agency teams, and ways to tap specialized expertise and skills for quick turnaround tasks.

Every agency at every level of government has a role in creating digital government. There are great opportunities to solve the problems in your agencies and to engage your high-performing staff with cutting-edge projects across agency bounds.

Calling all government entrepreneurs!

You read the strategy. You were jazzed about unleashing information, focusing on customers and sharing services to transform government. You want to LEARN and add your talents to an inter-governmental effort to provide anytime, anywhere any device info and services to the public. You want the experience of working with innovators across agencies. Well, come on down! (Don’t forget to clear any participation with your manager first.)

Calling on every agency to partner up.

Doing “more with less” is expected. But how do you meet stakeholder expectations, deliver on strategy requirements, and keep your best and brightest staff engaged?

Agencies are coming together to work on different pieces of the digital strategy puzzle. Resourcing the Center with your best and brightest can help you smartly create and adopt new tools and platforms at a lower cost and without reinventing the wheel–gaining more for mission.


Four Ways to Join In

people collaborating around a conference table

Agencies collaborating and creating digital gov resources at a wikithon.

Agency Reps. The Center will host agency FTE’s for assignments from 1-3 weeks to 3-9 months depending on projects. Open agency reps here >

Co-Los. Share innovation space with closely aligned initiatives to speed implementation, while sharing lessons as they’re learned. Co-location projects may include building governance models, creating quality support for web services and more. Open Co-Lo projects here >

20-percenters. 3M (Post-it notes) and Google (Gmail) pioneered staff working on innovations for 20% of their time. Our 20 Percenters will take on Center initiatives one day (8 hours) per week. Employees gain new experiences, skills and networks while they “work in place” at their agencies. Agencies gain inter-agency insights and meaningful development for employees without the costs of travel or training. See 20-percenter opportunities here >

TAPAS (Small Plates). “Burst” assignments for discrete tasks of 1-5 hours, such as copy editing, software testing, proofing, code review, captioning, etc. An important, yet, easy way to contribute to government transformation and build skills. Learn more about TAPAS here >


Open Opportunities

Agency Reps

Interested? Contact with AGENCY REPS: NAME OF JOB in the subject line.

  • coming soon


Interested in a project below or wish to propose a project? Contact

20 Percenters

Interested? Contact with 20 PERCENTERS in the subject line. Identify your expertise and send a link to your qualifications or resume.

We’re looking for energetic innovators to contribute in

  • Social media (blogging, tweeting)
  • Code development (lightweight development of APIs, widgets and apps. Languages to include PHP, JAVA, Rails)
  • Community management
  • Researching and writing case studies
  • Technical writing and documentation
  • Training development

Tapas (Small Plates)

Interested? We’re working on getting this program off the ground. Send your interest and contact info to with TAPAS in the subject line. We’ll send you more information as it’s available.

Open Opportunities Volunteer Testers

We are looking for people to help test federal mobile web sites and web apps. (You must be a federal employee and clear your participation with your management.)

You’ll need a device (phones or tablets) and an hour or so to test. If you have more than one device, you could volunteer to complete tests with multiple devices. We expect the first app test to be in late spring/early summer.

Volunteer Tester Benefits

  • See the new web-based apps first
  • Find out tricks and tips to improve your own app development
  • Learn about trends in federal mobile product development
  • Pay it forward and help support other agency digital efforts

Sign up by completing this quick form. We will contact you when we have testing to be done.