CDC Employee Yolanda Dangerfield Receives Life Time Achievement Award for Combined Federal Campaign

On Wednesday January 25, 2017 at 1:00PM during the Greater Atlanta-Athens Combined Federal Campaign Victory Celebration, which was held at the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Building, 77 Forsyth Street SW, Atlanta. Georgia, CDC employee Yolanda Dangerfield was honored and received the “GREATER ATLANTA – ATHENS COMBINED FEDERAL CAMPAIGN LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD”.

The LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD marks the first time anyone in the Greater Atlanta-Athens CFC has received such a high honor.  Yolanda Dangerfield was recognized for her outstanding service to CFC that spans over 15 years.  Yolanda Dangerfield’s many contributions include but not limited to:

  • Leadership as the CFC Campaign Director in 2000
  • Leadership as the CFC Campaign Director in 2009
  • Collect $4.7 Million in a single campaign season (2009) – The highest total ever collected by the Atlanta CFC
  • Leadership as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Campaign Coordinator for over 10 years
  • Leadership as A Loaned Executive to CFC for over 10 years
  • As a Loaned Executive facilitated collections of greater than $10 Million Dollars (highest ever for a Loaned Executive)
  • As the CFC Campaign Director realized a cost-avoidance of greater than $60,000 in a single budget year (highest ever)
  • Implemented and recommended new fiscal policies for accountability (practices are still in place today)
  • Encouraged and guided hundreds of Division Coordinators, Agency Coordinators, Agency Keyworkers for superior performance

The award was presented to Ms. Dangerfield by Mr. Erville Koehler, 2016 CFC Chair, Dr. Yvette Taylor, 2017 FEB Chair, and Mr. Ron Stephens, who is Executive Director, Atlanta Federal Executive Board. The Atlanta Federal Executive Board’s Policy and Steering Committee serves as the Local Federal Campaign Committee (LFCC) which has oversight of the CFC campaign. Mr. Stephens emphasized how deserving Yolanda Dangerfield was to receive this honor and thanked CDC for their continued support of FEB and its initiatives. Please join FEB and CFC in congratulating Yolanda Dangerfield on her outstanding commitment to helping those in need.