• How do you educate children on emergency procedures? Disaster Hero is an interactive online game challenging and teaching young people safety and disasters facts.
  • Did you lose power during the recent bad weather? Many people rely on generators when the power goes out. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from misuse of generators and other devices, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides these tips.
  • Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission in collaboration with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency developed a sign-language video with sub-titles: “Emergency Preparedness: Together We Prepare.” 
  • Know multiple ways to exit your building, participate in workplace evacuation drills, and consider keeping some emergency supplies at the office. Visit www.ready.gov and click on Ready Business for more information.
  • “Be Prepared” is not only the motto of the Boy Scouts but also for severe weather. The website, www.ready.gov, provides tips on being prepared for severe weather including the supplies needed for a personal emergency kit.

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