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SAVE THE DATE A great opportunity to network with other top government agencies.

Federal Retirement Workshop

ARE YOU RETIREMENT READY? MAY 16, 2017, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM FREE TRAINING - This is a Full Day of Training Richard B. Russell Federal Building Strom Auditorium 75 Ted Turner Dr SW Atlanta, GA 30303 The Atlanta Federal Executive Board has partnered with the RETIREMENT BENEFITS INSTITUTE to offer a one day workshop on ​MAY 16, 2017, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Both F.E.R.S and C.S.R.S Retirements will be thoroughly covered as well as the Thrift Savings Plan.  The training workshop will be held in the Richard B. Russell Federal Building located at 75 Ted Turner Dr SW, Strom Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia.  All current federal employees, spouses and retired federal employees are encouraged to attend the workshop and training. There is no cost to participate in the Training Workshop .The purpose of this training is to assist federal employees in identifying and managing critical decisions to be made during retirement planning and at retirement. Bring your LES, Social Security Statement, and TSP statement. The Session will cover:
  • Benefits of the TSP
  • TSP Contributions
  • Traditional vs Roth TSP
  • TSP Core Funds & Lifecycle Funds
  • Investments outside of the TSP
  • CSRS and FERS Eligibility requirements and Survivor benefits
  • FEGLI / FEHB / Medicare
  • Social Securitybenefits
If You're Mid-Career or Planning Retirement - This Is The Training That You Don't Want To Miss! “The Thrift Savings Plan Open Elections Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-469) required the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to develop and implement a retirement financial literacy and education strategy for Federal employees as part of the retirement training offered by OPM under 5 U.S.C. 8350”. This Federal Executive Board initiative is to help meet the retirement training needs of that Atlanta Federal Community. For more information contact: Ron Stephens (404) 331-4400.

Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business

Women’s History Month (March) serves as a time to reflect on the accomplishments and contributions of women. From administrators to directors to interns just starting their federal careers, female associates have led federal organizations and have helped federal agencies achieve their mission of serving the American people. Join us as we "Honor Trailblazing Women" with a panel of varied professionals from GSA, EPA and HHS.  Learn about their experiences, their influences, and their advice. The event will take place on March 22nd at 10:30am in the MLK, Federal Building 1st floor, Atlanta Conference Rooms 2 and 3 and will be broadcast to the field via the GSA network. Thank you to women past, present, and future - our success is built upon their continued dedication to the high calling of public service.

Guidance: Federal Civilian Hiring Freeze

The Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) have released additional guidance on the Federal civilian personnel hiring freeze. The guidance provides additional details to agencies on the exemptions to the hiring freeze, as well as lays out the process that agencies can take to request additional exemptions from OPM if they deem it necessary.

We are confident that this guidance clarifies many agency questions and concerns on how to implement the hiring freeze. A copy of the memorandum is attached for your convenience.  A 508-compliant version of the guidance is available online for the benefit of visually-impaired readers at


Career Development Opportunity: FEB Professional Detail Assignments

Background The Atlanta Federal Executive Board announces executive rotational assignment opportunities designed to maximize effectiveness, broaden perspectives and potential, and prepare for challenges on the federal horizon. Federal agencies should invest in and emphasize career development by supporting candidates who are interested in these opportunities. The Atlanta Federal Executive Board's executive rotation assignments are designed to bolster cross-agency exposure for high-potential employees. This cost-efficient program provides each participant an FEB rotation assignment to help develop or enhance specific leadership competencies identified by both the participant and his/her home supervisor. These competencies align with the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), and support the participant’s Individual Development Plan (IDP). Program Objectives The Atlanta Federal Executive Board's executive rotation assignments enables emerging federal leaders to expand their leadership competencies, broaden their organizational experiences, and foster networks they can leverage in the future. Specifically, the program aims to:
  • Deliver a collaborative, cross-agency program to reduce barriers to inter-agency mobility.
  • Enhance the participants’ leadership competencies through a meaningful rotational assignment and through other developmental opportunities outside of their current agencies.
  • Expand the participants’ inter-agency experience either within or outside their current area of expertise.
  • Offer engaging and insightful inter-agency cohort events that allows the participant to network and interact with other agency personnel.
2017 Detail Opportunities: The Atlanta Federal Executive Board is seeking four (4) exceptional candidates for rotational assignments to manage the various aspects of the lines of business in which the Federal Executive Boards are engaged. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and the Atlanta FEB reserves the right to make on-the-spot offers to outstanding candidates so APPLY NOW!! FEB Line of Business 1 - Emergency Preparedness and Employee Safety Manager ECQ Focus Area: Leading Change GS 11-15 Opportunity (download package) FEB Line of Business 2 - Workforce Development and Human Capitol Readiness Manager ECQ Focus Area: Leading People GS 11-15 Opportunity (download package) FEB Line of Business 3 - Intergovernmental Collaboration and Community Outreach Manager ECQ Focus Area: Building Coalitions GS 11-15 Opportunity (download package) Executive Assistant to the Executive Director ECQ Focus Area: Business Acumen GS 7-9 Opportunity (download package) FEB provides equal opportunity for all persons without regard to race, color, age, national origin, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, political affiliation and conduct not adversely affecting employee performance.
Ronald Stephens Atlanta Federal Executive Board Richard B. Russell Federal Building 75 Ted Turner Dr SW  Suite 1142 Atlanta, GA 30303 Phone (404) 331-4400 Fax (404) 331-4270

ATL Feds Give Life Blood Drive

The American Red Cross remains in the midst of a severe blood shortage and has issued an emergency call for blood donations. Hectic holiday schedules for many regular blood donors contributed to about 37,000 fewer donations in November and December. Snowstorms and severe weather have also impacted supplies. More than 90 blood drives were forced to cancel in December, resulting in thousands of uncollected donations. Blood donations are being distributed by the Red Cross to hospitals as fast as they are coming in. 91% of the appointment slots for the February ATL Feds Give Life Drive are currently available. Your generous donation is essential for patient care – every donation counts and every effort matters! As a show of appreciation, all donors will receive a $5 Amazon Claim Code via email. Please visit to schedule your appointment using sponsor code “atfece” and mark your calendar to join us: ATL Feds Give Life  Blood Drive Wednesday, February 8 - Thursday, February 9 3rd Floor Atlanta & Augusta Room 10am – 3pm The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give blood. Thank you for your support!
Amy Feingold / Steve Rieck SNAFC Blood Drive Coordinators Sponsor Code: atfece 404-562-9414 404-562-9177

Congratulations! You Did It!

Thank you for your Compassion and GenerosityPeople like you change the world!!!! We are pleased to announce that the Atlanta-Athens Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) has EXCEEDED our goal of $3.4 Million by collecting OVER $3.7 Million.  Your generosity will support the worthy charities that help so many. Thank you for your leadership and thank you to all the employees who served in key roles in support of the campaign this year. <!-- -->

Metro Atlanta Weather Conditions (2017)

The Federal Executive Board advises Metro Atlanta Area Federal Agencies are open normal hours of operation.  All federal employees are expected to report to work at their normal scheduled hour of operation. Teleworkers are expected to work their full workday schedule or take leave if unable to Telework.  Use of Telework and Unscheduled Leave should be based on individual Agency policies. If you have questions about your Telework and Leave Policy please contact your specific agency representative. We are currently monitoring the weather and road conditions for Metro Atlanta. We will continue to update our advisories as required by changes in the weather conditions. Employees are encouraged to monitor weather and check back for updates.

Acquisition Gateway

The Acquisition Gateway, built by the General Services Administration (GSA), is a resource hub for acquisition professionals and government buying offices across agencies to share information and best practices. Inside the Acquisition Gateway, users can find side-by-side comparisons of government-wide acquisition solutions, connect with other acquisition professionals, and explore product and service category hallways.  The hallways feature category-curated articles, templates, market-research tools, prices-paid data, and more to achieve successful outcomes at each step of the acquisition lifecycle. To sign into the Acquisition Gateway at, you first need an Office of Management and Budget MAX User ID,  OMB MAX registration is a one-time activity. This video demonstrates the step-by-step process:

The Combined Federal Campaign Announces the 2016 CFC Director

Adrienne Jones Adrienne Jones (CDC) Appointed to Serve as the 2016 Director As a 2014 Peak Performance Program (P3) graduate, Adrienne has taken her leadership to new heights by serving as the Workforce Development and Human Capital Readiness Manager (LOB II) and then moving on to serve as the current Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Director.  In these roles, Adrienne has experienced a great deal of professional growth by taking advantage numerous opportunities made available by the Atlanta Federal Executive Board. Adrienne is off to an EXCELLENT start with staffing and preparing her team to lead.  For the first time in the Atlanta Region's CFC history, Loaned Executives have been interviewed, selected, on-boarded and assigned to districts in the month of June.  This allows an awesome opportunity for strategic event planning and team building and we look forward to keeping you posted on the campaign's success.  With Adrienne's drive and the full support of GSA Regional Administrator, Torre Jessup, 2016 is sure to be a banner year for the campaign! Therefore, be sure to join The General Services Administration (GSA) in celebration of an opportunity to give during the 2016 Combined Federal Campaign season.