ATL Feds Give Life Blood Drive

The American Red Cross remains in the midst of a severe blood shortage and has issued an emergency call for blood donations.

Hectic holiday schedules for many regular blood donors contributed to about 37,000 fewer donations in November and December. Snowstorms and severe weather have also impacted supplies. More than 90 blood drives were forced to cancel in December, resulting in thousands of uncollected donations. Blood donations are being distributed by the Red Cross to hospitals as fast as they are coming in.

91% of the appointment slots for the February ATL Feds Give Life Drive are currently available. Your generous donation is essential for patient care – every donation counts and every effort matters! As a show of appreciation, all donors will receive a $5 Amazon Claim Code via email.

Please visit to schedule your appointment using sponsor code “atfece” and mark your calendar to join us:

ATL Feds Give Life  Blood Drive
Wednesday, February 8 – Thursday, February 9
3rd Floor Atlanta & Augusta Room
10am – 3pm

The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give blood. Thank you for your support!

Amy Feingold / Steve Rieck
SNAFC Blood Drive Coordinators
Sponsor Code: atfece