SES Women in Motion

2016 EWIM

The 2016 SES Women in Motion event was another great year of networking, executive core qualification training and speed mentoring!  The Atlanta Federal Executive Board and the Office of Personnel Management proudly partner each year to present this White House Equal Futures Initiative.   This year’s event was held on Thursday, April 21st and the 2017 event wait list is already growing rapidly!

During the morning session, over 100 GS 7 thru GS 12 attendees were inspired by the leadership journey of Mary Leftridge Byrd, Federal Security Director of the Transportation Safety Administration. They also learned the details of chartering their careers to the path of executive leadership during the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) session “Moving Ahead in the Federal Government – The OPM Leadership Competency Model.”

In the afternoon, more than 100 GS 13 thru GS 15 attendees were inspired by the leadership journey of FEB’s very own Chairwoman, Dr. Yvette Taylor. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to spend about 30 minutes in small group mentoring sessions with three SES members (highlighted in the picture above) after OPM’s presentation “ Executive Women in Motion: Pathways to the Senior Executive Service.”

This year, Atlanta has continued its track record of being the largest, most well-attended Women in Motion event in the nation! Therefore, be on the lookout for announcement and calls to serve for the 2017 event as it will surely fill-up fast.

A special thank you to the 2016 Women in Motion SES Mentors. It’s always a great event because of the time and wisdom you share!!!