To provide member federal agencies outstanding & cost effective service and to ensure an effective civilian workforce.


  • Member Agencies – Our focus
  • Service – Our business
  • Quality – Our reputation
  • Federal Employee – Our primary interest
  • Teamwork – Our success


  • Communicate – Inform member federal agencies of each other’s initiatives and successes, and inform the local community of national policies and priorities.
  • Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency – Bring together agencies with common goals to that their efforts are complementary.
  • Facilitate Service Delivery – Draw together agencies with common clients so that government services are convenient for the customers.
  • Partner with Community Groups – Partner with community groups to solve problems.
  • Coordinate Emergency Services – Marshal resources of the local federal community to aid a member agency in a crisis or to assist citizens in a public emergency.

Lines of Business – Primary

  • Emergency Preparedness, Security and Employee Safety
  • Human Capital Readiness

Lines of Business – Legacy and Community Support

  • Support local initiatives & provide information, referrals and guidance for intergovernmental & community outreach.