Folio Leaders Recognized With Awards

cpic forum award picture

As Folio development continues, we wanted to share some news about our team’s accomplishments, and the recognition our staff has received throughout the Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) industry. On May 22, the eCPIC Program Management Office (PMO) received two Cooper-Godlove Awards of Excellence from the government-wide CPIC Forum—the Business Transformation Award, and the Outstanding Industry Partner Award.

Business Transformation Award – Keith Ott

Keith Ott has led the implementation of Folio as the Product Owner since the application’s inception. He works closely with Folio’s User Experience (UX) and Development Teams to identify, strategize, and prioritize functionality, and serves as a key stakeholder the development cycle. A few years ago, Mr. Ott was at the forefront of the shift from a waterfall, to an agile, iterative development process, helping to stand up sprint and release ceremonies, including planning sessions, reviews, and retrospectives. He’s been instrumental in engaging with Federal eCPIC Steering Committee (FESCOM) agencies throughout the Folio development process, leading numerous outreach meetings with key stakeholders. Mr. Ott’s innovations will ensure that Folio facilitates improved decision-making, data integration and user experience at Federal agencies.

Outstanding Industry Partner – April Osajima

April Osajima leads the design efforts for Folio. She works closely with Federal agency stakeholders and the Folio Development Team to drive Folio’s user experience (UX) . Last year, Ms. Osajima led Agencies through a series of visioning sessions to define requirements for a new CPIC tool to better facilitate agency needs in an era of changing requirements.  She employed a design and development process that put end users in control by meeting with them directly to understand challenges and pain points. Ms. Osajima leveraged new technology and software design best practices, implemented governmentwide web design standards, facilitated numerous user interviews, and refined requirements through Tiger Team sessions, wireframes, mockups, and prototype reviews. Combining these activities with Folio’s agile development process ensures that the end product exceeds customer needs and expectations.

The eCPIC PMO and Support Team have now received 8 Cooper-Godlove Awards of Excellence since 2011.

  • Business Transformation Award – 2018
  • Outstanding Industry Partner – 2018
  • Outstanding Industry Partner – 2017
  • Best Educational Contribution – 2016
  • CPIC Innovation Approaches – 2015
  • Most Successful Multi-Agency Collaboration – 2012
  • Outstanding Industry Partner – 2011
  • Most Successful Multi-Agency Collaboration – 2011