Folio Development Priorities

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Now that the Annual  BY20 A-11 submission season has wrapped up, the Folio team is shifting from A-11 development work in eCPIC back to Folio development. Here’s a high-level overview of our near-term Folio development priorities:

  • User Access Management – The FESCOM has determined how User Access Management will work in Folio, so now it’s time to build this functionality. The Folio Development Team has been strategizing the back-end approach of user access, and they are making progress with development work. We plan to schedule discussions about how to transition your user access from eCPIC to Folio’s new structure.
  • Data Export – In the last round of agency one-on-one meetings, you told us the Data Export functionality was a top priority for inclusion in Folio’s go-live release. Thus, we are now working to determine what data exports will look like in Folio. You are likely familiar with the eCPIC Data Exchange (EDX), which leverages XML tags in MS Excel workbooks, but the Data Export functionality in Folio will likely be CSV-based, and will focus on easier ways to get data out of Folio. From there, your agency will be able to leverage Excel or other tools for the types of analytic reports you build with EDX now.
  • OMB Submissions – OMB submissions are core to eCPIC, and this will not change in Folio. While we pride ourselves on eCPIC’s OMB submissions functionality, we also know there are areas that can be improved, and are identifying those improvements for Folio. OMB submissions work much differently than when this functionality was first built into eCPIC. This is a great opportunity to evaluate what we do well and identify how to improve your agency’s submission experience. Two recent Tiger Team sessions focused on submissions, where we discussed ideas and tested wireframes. OMB submissions will continue to be a focus area for Folio’s Development Team up until go-live.

If you have any feedback or thoughts, the eCPIC PMO would love to hear from you. You can connect with us by emailing