Migrating to Folio: Our Approach and Plan for 2019

Planning for Migration to Folio

Transitioning agencies from eCPIC to Folio requires significant planning. Given that Folio’s architecture and technologies are much more complex than eCPIC, our support team is working closely with each agency to prepare their data for migration, and plan for how the new application will impact their existing processes. With Folio’s launch scheduled for early 2020, we’re setting the groundwork in 2019—preparing agencies to engage with, and benefit from, Folio on day one.

Key Migration Areas

Folio will offer user-friendly navigation, redesigned user access, new options for structuring data, and a cohesive way to track financial data. These changes will offer greater efficiency, but require agencies to plan and make decisions now to prepare for migration. Specifically, there are four key areas requiring agency engagement in 2019:

  1. Investment/Project Alignment – Folio will offer project-level, as well as investment-level data collection. Agencies must decide whether to continue collecting data at the investment level only, or break out certain investments for project-level data collection.
  2. Activities Data Clean-up – Agencies should review their project activities tables in eCPIC to align this data with Folio’s data architecture.
  3. Financial Ledger Approach – The Federal eCPIC Steering Committee (FESCOM) implemented the ledger approach to collect financial data in Folio, and agencies are starting to shift their data into the ledger format via Excel workbooks.
  4. User Access – Once investment/project alignment decisions are made, agencies can determine how to carry over current eCPIC user access.

Just as each agency has tailored its eCPIC instance to its preferences, Folio presents new opportunities for agency customization. Making these key decisions early allows the support team to set up each agency’s Folio site for optimal use.

Progress So Far

The Folio migration process kicked off in late 2018, with agency one-on-one meetings to discuss the four key areas of agency involvement, ask questions, and collaborate on the Folio migration process.

During the year leading up to Folio’s “go-live,” the support team will continue to work one-on-one with each agency to prepare for the Folio migration. This close coordination helps each agency make key decisions that maximize Folio’s benefits and prepares agencies for the transition.  

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