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GSA is excited to announce the launch of our newest IT Portfolio Management tool, Folio. Designed by the Federal eCPIC Steering Committee (FESCOM) community, Folio is the successor to the eCPIC application, which served as the premier government-wide shared service for over 15 years. It is a web-based, government-owned, fee-for-service technology solution that helps agencies manage and report to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on their Portfolio Management, IT Capital Planning, and IT Governance processes. The new application provides an improved user interface, flexible data collection capabilities, and a modern technology stack.

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Folio Life Cycle 

The Folio lifecycle incorporates key modernization goals into each phase and has a user-centric design approach that allows for continuous iteration and development. To achieve this, Folio was created in three distinct phases: Vision, Design, and Develop.

  1. Vision: GSA worked with agencies to select key goals and prioritize functionality.
  2. Design: We relied on usability testing and Tiger Teams to gather and incorporate frequent user feedback.
  3. Develop: We developed (and will continue to develop) in agile iterations to test, adjust, and release Folio functionality on a regular basis.

FESCOM agencies completed a phased transition into the go-live version of Folio from March through July of 2020. Each month, a group of agencies embarked on a roughly five-week migration period, closing out their existing eCPIC environment, overseeing the automatic migration of their data into Folio, and then completing training and data validation testing.  After the data migration was validated, GSA held an official migration closeout call, and agencies began managing their IT portfolio in Folio.

Folio Costs Table

Migration Outcomes

Across 17 federal agencies, in a period of five months, over 13,000 records migrated from eCPIC to Folio, including over 2,600 investments, over 4,300 projects, and more than 1,700 user accounts. GSA’s Folio Project Management Office (PMO) is proud to share the success of this rollout with our member agencies! 

If you have questions about the new Folio application, reach out to us at

Folio Project Activities

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