“Must Reading” for Federal Tech Workers

The Internet provides us access to more information than ever before – generally that’s a good thing!  But having trusted sources of information is key to ensuring that what you’re learning and sharing is accurate.

And that’s why I’m proud to say that my blog, Around the Corner: A GSA Innovation Blog, has been named one of the “50 Must Read Federal IT Blogs” by FedTech Magazine.

In announcing this list, FedTech lays it right on the line: “Technology is at the very core of the federal government today.  Not only can it save money, it can also create jobs, pioneer innovation and deliver unparalleled services to US citizens.”

That’s exactly what we’ve been saying at GSA for the past few years, as we’ve invested in new technologies, upgraded our offerings to GSA employees, and transformed the way we work.  In the process we’ve increased productivity and mobility while reducing costs.

I’m joined on the FedTech list by two GSA colleagues: Assistant Administrator for Governmentwide Policy Kathleen Turco, whose blog, OGP – Policy Inc., focuses on excellence in governmentwide policy; and Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Integrated Technology Services at the Federal Acquisition Service, whose blog, Great Government through Technology, discusses a wide range of IT issues as they relate to the federal government.

The 49 impressive federal government bloggers joining me on this list aim to enlighten, inform, entertain, and explain how technology can work for the federal government.  I hope you have an opportunity to explore their thoughts and research.   Happy reading!