Dreamforce: Sharing GSA’s Message of Efficiency and Savings

Social Media Diagram
GSA uses mission focused business technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars. This week, I’m at the Dreamforce conference sharing this story of efficiency and savings with government and industry leaders.

The agency has led the largest public sector Salesforce.com implementation to date, with 17,000 users, initially leveraging the platform for enterprise collaboration, ideation and back-office modernization. Next we will develop the platform to optimize communication, customer/partner relationship management and solution development.

Dreamforce provides an opportunity for GSA to further actualize our mission and demonstrate our response to the Administration’s “Cloud First” call-to-action; GSA presenters — myself, Sonny Hashmi and Fred Wuensch — will share our best practices in implementing cloud solutions to make a more innovative, transparent, effective, sustainable government. We are looking forward to meeting world leaders in the cloud computing industry and learn ways to further expand solutions within the government.

GSA is leveraging the social era to innovate the way we work together.  With social tools, we engage, collaborate, partner, and serve in new ways, making our services not only relevant, but competitive.  Connecting all stakeholders accelerates innovation, creating more agility and enforcing accountability throughout the federal government. Our use of Salesforce is a good illustration of how IT can be used at all levels of interaction with GSA staff and with other agencies.

If you’re at Dreamforce, stop by one of the sessions in which I’ll be speaking.  And check back in next week, when I’ll report on what I thought of it and how I think we can move forward.