Changes Coming ‘Around the Corner’

Keyboard with "Future" Key“I’m confident the opportunity to innovate is no stronger anywhere than it is here at GSA.”  That’s what I said in my very first post to this blog and I believe it’s still true. Ever since my arrival at GSA in 2002, I’ve seen this agency and its employees accomplish great things and that’s particularly true of our team and our work in GSA IT.

Today is my final day at GSA. Next week I am moving on to a new adventure with a new organization. I am very proud of all that we’ve done together because it’s an impressive list:

We’ve helped the agency save taxpayer dollars while improving employee productivity.  By moving our email and collaboration to the cloud, we saved taxpayers $2 million and helped employees do their work anytime, anywhere and on any device, otherwise known as our A3 initiative. My office also led the way in Zero Based Budgeting to make sure IT dollars were being put to the best strategic use. Of course, GSA has a long tradition of giving employees the best tools for taxpayer value, and GSA IT is set to expand on that goal.

We made GSA one of the most collaborative, innovative, agencies in the federal government.  We were the first federal agency to adopt a social media policy to encourage responsible use of tools like Facebook and Twitter to carry out the agency’s mission.  We used our own social media tool, Chatter, to hold the Great Ideas Hunt, which generated 632 money-saving ideas from employees. Five of those ideas were chosen for implementation, and it is estimated they will save the agency $5.5 million, annually.

We’ve used IT to transform GSA’s business strategy and we’ve earned IT a seat at the table with our business lines.  Look no further than GSA’s Total Workplace Initiative for proof that IT innovation can partner with our business lines to deliver value to our customers. This initiative encompasses so many aspects of GSA’s mission: sustainability, cost-savings, and improved productivity.

While my time with GSA is now coming to a close, we move on to a new chapter. I certainly look forward to seeing what GSA does with all the new technology and innovation just around the corner. My colleague and friend, GSA Deputy CIO Sonny Hashmi, will be leading GSA’s technology efforts moving forward as Acting Chief Information Officer, and he’ll also begin posting to the ‘Around the Corner’ blog. If you don’t already know him personally or through social media, you may want to visit his Twitter feed, @sonny_h.

The bench strength on GSA’s IT team is excellent; it’s one of the best in federal government. You can also expect to see posts from others on the GSA IT leadership team from time to time.

Of course, this wouldn’t be an ‘Around the Corner’ post without a look to the future.  So here are some of my top predictions and things to keep an eye on in terms of technology:

In closing, I’d like to thank all the wonderful public servants I’ve worked with during my time here at  GSA. I encourage you to keep at it; you are doing meaningful work. I will miss you all but I will think of you always.

Thank you.