New England Region Workers Keep Federal Buildings Open During Record Setting Winter

This winter, the Boston area received the greatest amount of snowfall since record keeping began in 1892, according to the National Weather Service. While other public and private-sector organizations’ operations were severely impacted by three blizzards and record snowfall throughout the month of February, GSA kept all of its facilities open, continued operations, and maintained full productivity.winter2-rtb-518x295

About New England Region Property Managers

The New England Region’s Property Managers are some of the most experienced in the country at dealing with adverse weather conditions impacting government facilities. Each of the five Boston property managers worked closely with their contractors around the clock to ensure that paths were safe for passage, helping to keep New England Region’s Border Stations and Land Ports of Entry facilities open and operational.

How we managed to keep federal facilities open

Managers and mechanical workers stayed in facilities throughout nights when temperatures hovered at zero to proactively identify and address issues that could impact the operational readiness of the buildings. Snow accumulation on building roofs was quickly addressed to avoid drainage and other possible issues. The O’Neill Federal Building remained staffed from an operational standpoint through all of this. Members of the maintenance crew stayed overnight for many of these nights to ensure access to the building was available throughout the storms. GSA property managers reported to work and ensured the federal buildings were up and operational for the federal workforce.