Let’s Eat Child Care

The Green Byrne Center in Philadelphia is not only moving, they are eating well too.  As part of their total wellness and Let’s Move Child Care approach they have incorporated fine dining into their day.  Chef Don works every day to put delicious and nutritious meals on the table for the children using local and organic products. 

Chef Don, male at stove

Chef Don, is pictured here, cooking lunch of brown rice, fish, string beans and cantaloupe.

To help fund this change at the center they have started offering families take home meals once a month as a fundraiser. 

When asked about the project Ellen August Booth, the Director,  reported the project was started as a way to help finance the new meal program and full time chef.  They do a monthly “Dinner to Go”  which is a complete meal including homemade dessert for $20.00. It could feed a small family of four.  They usually sell at least 50 dinners and make about $1,000 per fundraiser. The popularity of this fundraiser is growing and now folks in the building are also ordering dinners to go.   “Families are loving these special treats.  Some meals are more geared for the families or children and some are special for “Date Night” said Booth.

 This has really turned into a win win for Green Byrne; support for the center and nutritious, convenient dinners for busy working parents.   Let’s Eat Child Care!  Maybe Green Byrne can start a new trend.

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  1. Richard W. Davey

    September 17, 2012 at 11:19 am

    We applaud the Green Byrne Center for raising our awareness for the total wellness program for children……..proper eating and exercise are critical for good health of our children in America…………..

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