Alliant Enterprise GWAC Update

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The GSA Alliant GWAC had an outstanding year helping agencies achieve their mission through a fast, flexible, and reliable acquisition vehicle. Agencies obligated $2.93 billion dollars to Alliant during FY15, marking Alliant as the largest utilized single GWAC in GSA history by dollar value.

Alliant is GSA’s premier enterprise GWAC, providing flexible access to customized IT solutions from a large, diverse pool of industry partners. Alliant allows for long-term planning of large-scale, complex program requirements. Our success can be attributed to several factors that deserve a closer look.

Alliant FY15 Success Analytics

Since contract inception, more than 63 agencies have used  Alliant and awarded an estimated $22.8 Billion in task order value. Seven new agencies used Alliant for the first time in FY15. This steady growth can be attributed to numerous factors. For example, approximately 870 federal acquisition & program professionals have received the Alliant GWAC Delegation of Procurement (DPA) training – a whopping 248 in FY15 – a 23% increase in buying power! Lastly, during FY15, 96 Statements of Work (SOWs) were submitted for review, which is a 13% increase.

Top Agencies and Vendors

The top three agencies utilizing Alliant (obligated dollars) are the Air Force at $3.49 billion, the Department of Homeland Security at $3.00 billion, and the Army at $2.83 billion. The Department of State comes in at a close fourth at $2.62 billion.

Currently, SAIC leads obligations – over $2.12 billion spread across 44 task orders. Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering Services follows with $881 million across 12 task orders and Lockheed Martin follows suit with $853 million across 21 task orders.

Strong relationships between Government and Industry

As pre-competed vehicles, GWACs can streamline the acquisition process, which naturally leads to saving time and money. Our pre-competed vehicle consists of 57 exceptionally qualified contractors. The Alliant program office takes pride in the individual relationships that have been created through the years between the Enterprise GWAC division and the outstanding Alliant contractors. To date, 51 out of 57 primes have received awards, exemplifying the diverse pool of credible talent and the constant interaction between government and industry.

The Enterprise GWAC division recently invited representatives from each of the 57 Primes to participate in Alliant’s twice-a-year Program Management Review (PMR). The event spans two days and allows industry to interact with government and participate in collaborative program updates and breakout sessions. Success on projects through Alliant is a three-part partnership – GSA, the procuring agency, and the company performing the work under the task order. We’ve built this model over a number of years with all of our GWACs, and it’s because of that focus and approach that Alliant has served the federal community so well.

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