The Federal 100 Awards Recognize How Technology Transforms

New ways of using and managing technology—social media, collaborative tools, dashboards, everything-as-a-service—are transforming the way government agencies accomplish their missions. And behind every technological leap is a member of the federal workforce.

Each year, Federal Computer Week’s Federal 100 list highlights how innovative and creative government and industry workers have catalyzed government transformation, recognizing them for outstanding public service and going above and beyond their daily responsibilities.

I’m honored to have been named to this year’s list for my work on the BetterBuy project. In my new role as Assistant Commissioner of GSA’s Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS), I will continue the dialogue the project started so ITS can deliver the transformative solutions agencies need.

However, I’d like to focus on the achievements of two people within my new organization. I work with enterprising individuals dedicated to innovation, and I’d like to highlight the achievements of Michael Anastasio, Jr. and Daisy Bhagowalia.

Delivering Innovation: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology is poised to transform the way we manage government. It heralds cost-effectiveness, increased efficiency, and renewed mission focus. But until now, many agencies have been unclear on cloud computing’s characteristics and the way in which they could procure it. All that has changed, thanks to Michael Anastasio, Jr.

In October 2010, under Mike’s stewardship, GSA awarded the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) blanket purchase agreement, the first cloud-specific government contract vehicle. Working with agencies, industry and key stakeholders, Mike managed the program to ensure the resulting solution would position GSA to meet agencies’ current needs as well as anticipate future requirements.

Mike’s efforts put in place the tools agencies need to realize the benefits of cloud while complying with the Office of Management and Budget’s “Cloud First” policy and the White House’s recently released Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, particularly their contracting and security provisions.

Delivering Acquisition Excellence: .Gov Contract

With the government now in budget season, more than ever, each agency is looking to stretch technology investment funds. IT security concerns have also never been greater.

The .GOV Domain Registration program offers U.S. government organizations an online registry for the Internet’s .GOV namespace. As the .GOV program manager, Daisy Bhagowalia oversees all aspects of this effort including registering, administering and maintaining .GOV second-level domain names such as and

Daisy was recognized this year for her team’s successful implementation of a no-cost direct order/direct bill contract. This strategy upgraded the .GOV system to the highest Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 199 security level, thus giving customers a more streamlined, secure service.

What is “great government through technology” if not saving the government time and money while improving security and customer service?

Both Mike and Daisy have helped make government more efficient and effective by focusing on great service. Their efforts are saving agencies time and money, while improving GSA’s ability to deliver the crucial solutions government requires in order to deliver great services to citizens.

Thank you for following my blog and my tweets. I want to hear your feedback on how we can build on these successes, and how ITS can continue to improve the way we serve our customers.

We congratulate all the Federal 100 winners for their hard work!

Great Government and the Technology Dividend

Welcome to Year 2 of the Great Government through Technology blog. I’m Mary Davie, the new Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS). Many of you may already know me as the former Assistant Commissioner of Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) and my work with the Better Buy Project and the Better Blog.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to talk with you here, and I look forward to opening a conversation on how GSA can deliver great government through its technology products and services.

I view my transition from AAS to ITS as a logical step. Both AAS and ITS share a similar perspective on how to use technology to facilitate the acquisition process and deliver integrated solutions. Both have a similar focus on innovation, sustainability, customer intimacy and operational excellence—we make acquisitions easier, faster, better, greener and more secure.

I am also a strong proponent of Web 2.0 and social media for engaging colleagues, customers and industry. For those who don’t know me, Twitter is one of my favorite ways for reaching out to colleagues and customers.

Reaping Technology Dividends
If there were ever a time to aspire to “great government through technology,” it’s now. Agencies face tightening budgets. Acquisition professionals are being asked to do more with less. Large IT acquisitions have come under greater scrutiny.

However, we have much to be hopeful about: new technology solutions such as Cloud Computing and Data Center Services will yield dividends for the government—cost-savings; reduced carbon emissions; and increased communication, collaboration, transparency and productivity.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked all along the IT acquisition lifecycle, with industry, our customer agencies, and my colleagues on all sides of GSA’s business. I see enormous possibilities to collaboratively align GSA’s product and service offerings to meet agencies’ needs for increased productivity, security, and sustainable and cost-effective mission-critical systems.

In 2010, ITS took big steps to reach out to agencies and industry in new ways.

In 2011, we’ll build on that momentum. We’re putting the service back into Integrated Technology Services. More on that in the future.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment. Tweet me. Or come see me at the Coalition for Government Procurement Executive Breakfast on February 25th.