Big Opportunities for Small Businesses

Posted by Mary Davie
on August 12, 2011

At GSA, we promote small businesses because they are engines of innovation. They’ve got insights and expertise and I love working at an agency that helps them grow and compete in the federal marketplace.

So I’m thrilled that on July 29, 2011, 599 small businesses from across the country received awards on our 8(a) STARS II Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC). Now in its third generation, 8(a) STARS II is a streamlined program making it easier for government agencies to purchase IT services and meet small business contracting goals. At the same time, the new contract creates real opportunities for these companies to grow in communities across 38 states.

I have seen first-hand what small businesses can do to help government operate smarter and more efficiently. They helped transform GSA’s IT systems, enabling one third of our employees to telework.  They are providing the Federal Acquisition Service’s Chief Information Officer with critical program and application management support. They are even helping us find more environmentally sustainable solutions for our operating environment, something that will reap benefits for years to come.

But don’t just take my word for it. The Department of Defense is now encouraging its acquisition community to use GSA’s Alliant Small Business, 8(a) STARS, and VETS GWACs to access small businesses’ creativity and innovation. The Navy is using Alliant Small Business as part of its IT Services Strategic Sourcing Initiative, something that will ultimately save them money and resources so they can focus on other mission critical activities.

At GSA our commitment to small businesses — such as the 8(a) STARS II program — is a big deal, and we remain committed to working with them and our agency customers to build a stronger America. Let me know how we can continue to do this by leaving a comment or reaching me on Twitter.

5 Replies to “Big Opportunities for Small Businesses”

  1. The government misses out on MANY great products because the process of getting on the GSA is beyond ridiculous! The product I sell would save the country millions and reduce carbon footprint by billions of tons and I continually try to get that through GSA red tape-this has gone on for years! I’ve met with SCORE, PTAC, and more, but noone can figure it out. It’s a shame that at a time when this product is so important, nobody will listen. FYI: we’re a small business and our “Smart Strip” reduces power bills and carbon footprint. They’ve been using them on capital hill for almost a decade and they’re the number 1 surge protector in America, the only one that conforms to Pres. Exec.Order 13221. Can you help my small business? Thank you, Pat

  2. What information do you have for our company to participate in 8(a) Stars II program ? We have an award pending for schedule 84 ? We are a small business. Security Solutions and Locksmith Service !

  3. Paul: We’re glad to hear you are interested in 8(a) STARS II. This GWAC is only for IT and IT-related services, so it is unlikely that a locksmith service would be able to get onto the contract. We encourage you to look at Facilities Maintenance and Management, Schedule 03FAC:

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