Good To Be Back to ITS….And The Better For It!

Serving GSA as the acting commissioner for the Federal Acquisition Service during the latter part of 2012 was an exhilarating ride. It provided a lens into just how important our role is in–and to–the government at all levels: federal, state and local.

I learned about and participated in a variety of initiatives and issues across GSA and many of our customer agencies. Whether it’s providing emergency support during weather emergencies like Hurricane Sandy or helping agencies consolidate space, GSA is fully dedicated to building a stronger, more sustainable government by delivering the best value and savings through partnerships and innovation.

With this new experience, I hope to better serve our customers and save the government money, especially as we deal with critical issues like sequestration, continuing resolutions, and tighter budgets. ITS, FAS, and GSA will play a vital role in helping move our government forward; we must help agencies make the best decisions possible.

I want to thank Kevin Youel Page, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for ITS,  for keeping us on track while I was gone as we helped the government move towards areas like strategic sourcing for wireless services and devices, pick up the pace on cloud computing adoption, and launch new IT Commodity BPAs that can help save taxpayer and agency dollars.

It’s great to be back at ITS.  I return invigorated and continually dedicated to our customers. Armed with a greater knowledge, I am confident ITS can support government needs, deliver efficient operations, drive world-class value, and be recognized as agile and innovative.

I look forward to working with all of you to help us reach these goals.  Please come back next week….. as I plan to post some thoughts on managed mobility.

Have suggestions on how GSA can help you? Please share your ideas and comment below!