Set the Record Straight on Managed Mobility

It’s been four months since GSA launched our Managed Mobility Program. We’ve gotten positive responses to the program, but we see a few common misconceptions out there, so I thought I would help set the record straight.

Let’s do a quick look at the most common questions we’ve received on our Managed Mobility Program.

  • Is Managed Mobility a new contract or Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)?
  • Is it strictly for federal government use?
  • Is it mandatory?
  • Can I acquire mobile management with wireless service plans?

You’re right if you answered: No. No. No. Yes!

If you didn’t get them all right, here is a brief run-down on the program:

1.    Is Managed Mobility a new contract or Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)?  No. Managed Mobility is not a BPA or other governmentwide contract vehicle. It is a cross-governmental program in response to Digital Government Strategy’s Action Item 5.5. Our program is designed to identify Common Requirements (as defined in our initial Request for Technical Capabilities document) that government agencies face in order to manage mobile resources via Mobile Device Management (MDM),  Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Mobile Lifecycle Management (MLC). We offer evaluation templates, general pricing discussions, and other resources and we link to potential sources of supply on existing government contracts. GSA could award a separate contract in the future after the market evolves and matures.

2.    Is it strictly for federal government use? No. State and local governments can buy mobile management solutions from potential suppliers off the existing GSA’s Schedule 70 government contract and the FSSI Wireless contract. State and local governments, in addition to federal agencies, can use our helpful resources and potential sources of supply to secure their solutions and leverage the existing contracts for acquisition efficiency and cost savings.

3.    Is it mandatory? No. You don’t have to use potential sources of supply. Resources may exist elsewhere, but these potential suppliers are already pre-vetted against requirements to help match agency needs to solutions.

4.    Can I acquire mobile management with wireless service plans? Yes. You can integrate mobile management into your IT environment by buying MDM/MAM separately. We also anticipate that Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Wireless BPA contractors will modify their recently awarded agreements to enable agencies to acquire and manage wireless service plans, no-cost wireless devices, and MDM together under one manageable contract. Read more about FSSI Wireless.

I hope I’ve cleared up these misconceptions and helped you better understand GSA’s Managed Mobility program. You may also want to watch our Managed Mobility Webinar for more information.

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