The FedRelay Transition will Preserve Services and Improve Accessibility

To ensure FedRelay customers experience improved access, enhanced service and no loss of coverage, GSA is working with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to transition users to the FCC-administered Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) and GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS).

Like FedRelay, TRS offers a suite of telecommunications relay services that help individuals with hearing or speech disabilities communicate with government agencies and conduct official business.

GSA initiated the required market research to prepare for the next generation of FedRelay and determined that for the majority of relay services, TRS would deliver the greatest value while enhancing services provided.

TRS comes with the additional benefit of no cost to agencies. The FedRelay services that are not offered by TRS, Relay Conference Captioning and Video Remote Interpreting, are already available at lower pricing on the GSA MAS, Language Services SIN 541930.

The current FedRelay contract ends on May 15, 2021. Agencies who have current task orders can extend them an additional six months until November 15, 2021. To prepare for transition, agencies should ensure that their FedRelay accounts are current and address any outstanding invoices. Transition updates will be posted on the GSA FedRelay webpage.

Customers with questions and those who are ready to begin the transition process should contact the GSA FedRelay Program Office at

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