Fed tech for emergency preparedness: The GSA schedule and public safety

Preparing your agency to respond to an emergency is not limited to hurricane or wildfire season. From ensuring continuity of operations to how citizens and employees receive critical communications; emergency preparedness is a continuous effort and an integral part of being agile, disaster-ready, and capable of carrying out essential duties in various emergency situations.

What’s in your emergency preparedness toolkit?

Wireless technology is an important part of the federal government’s emergency preparedness strategy. Knowing what technology is available, how and when to integrate it into your telecommunications plan, and how to best leverage the capabilities of the vendor community is a key responsibility of every telecommunications program manager. GSA can help.

GSA’s Best-in-Class Wireless Mobility Solutions Program gives agencies an integral piece for their emergency preparedness toolkits.

Federal, state, local and tribal agencies can access wireless mobility solutions like cell phone services, Wireless Priority Service, special capabilities for first responders, enterprise mobility and satellite communications (SATCOM), and deployable cell towers and infrastructure.

Buying through GSA helps you connect with the best provider for your agency, and incorporate the capabilities to best serve your agency and citizens.

Along with Best-in-Class solutions and competitive vendor offerings, outstanding technical support is available from GSA through sdintake@gsa.gov.

Don’t fly the COOP; GSA has a Wireless Mobility Solution

Continuity of Operations planning (COOP) is another aspect of emergency preparedness and a fundamental responsibility of public and private entities. COOP is a federal initiative to ensure agencies are able to continue the performance of essential functions under a broad range of circumstances. Today’s changing threat environment increases the need for continuity capabilities and plans at all levels of government.

GSA’s Wireless Mobility Solutions team is focused on readiness for communications and information systems, and they can help agencies shape and improve their COOP strategy with cost-effective and secure offerings.

Whether you’re looking for new solutions or updating your existing emergency preparedness plans, GSA’s Wireless Mobility Solutions team is ready to assist.

Ready to learn more?

Attend GSA’s Wireless Mobility Solutions webinar “Wireless Solutions for Emergency Preparedness,” Nov. 6, 2-3 p.m. ET.

This webinar is for government staff who manage IT, agency mobility programs, purchase or manage mobility, or have a role in emergency preparedness or public safety. Learn more about trustworthy wireless solutions that support emergency preparedness and public safety, and can help your agency build mission resilience.

Topics will include:

  • Solutions to help ensure your agency is better prepared for an emergency;
  • How 5G will impact emergency preparedness and how you can plan for it; and,
  • Agency considerations for wireless technology for public safety and mission resilience.

Speakers from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon will discuss some of the important issues facing public safety today, what technologies can better enable emergency preparedness, and what agencies should be doing right now to be better prepared.

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